Thursday, July 16, 2009

some rough thumbnails

these are thumbnails for an illustration compation for the "shoody fadoody" blog.
its a blog of Israeli artists, you should check it out its pretty cool.
the topic is "we are the undertakers".
so these are my fisrt thumbs, not sure if the idea works for any of them, but I do like
some of the compostions here. let ne know what you think.


Trent Correy said...

Hey Buddy, great sketches man! Your composition has always been pretty damn sharp. I have two little suggestions. The second one down I like the best, that guy with the shovel is awesome...but you could add some rock or dirt in the foreground to really push some depth, since it looks like the camera's on the ground anyways. Also the extreme upshot with the girl being framed by the moon, see what it looks like if the moon is a little bigger! Anyways man great stuff! I hope all is well.

Nachshon Rubel said...

thanks man! good suggestions. but i think the problem with all of them is that they dont really show the idea very well. dont think the idea is clear enough. so i might try some more ideas.

Emily Hann said...

Nash you rock

Stefan said...

Have to say I really like the one with the two people in the grave with the upshot on the girl silhouette'd against the moon...has the strongest composition over the others, though I agree with Trent on making the moon larger.

Nice work!