Sunday, August 30, 2009

girl pirate

A pirate girl for the

sketchy buisness blog. was suppose to color it but run out of time.gonna post it here when I'm done coloring it though.


Shane Plante said...

WHOA!!! I really love the face man! How is it out there? How is 3D treating you?

Nachshon Rubel said...

shane!!! hows it goin man?
thanks dude.
3d is on hold right now, working in a flash company name pil animation.

Trent Correy said...

I love that face too man, as I said, your roughs are looking like gold! It's good to know flash, keep it up man!

Collin Tsandilis said...

Sick clean up man!

How've you been?

Send my your address in Isreal land please.

Your dearest friend,