Saturday, November 21, 2009

some recent sketches

its been a while since I posted anything. these are mostly sketches from the train.
the fat mouse suppose to be for the sketchy business blog, this month theme is morbidly obese animals. If Iwont get anything better i'll post it. the weird looking dude holding a cup, is Mr. Flon. he likes tea partys and tea. just a sketch I did while watching eastern promises, kick ass movie by the way!


Trent Correy said...

Nash, nice stuff man!!
Tea party eh...I feel a story coming....

Mat Hains said...

Yeah! Easter Promises rocks my socks. A History of Violence was another incredible one from David Cronenberg. The mouse is great, really disney-esque. Good to see your sketching. Did you see the trailer of Ugly American? The show that Adam's working on? It looks hilarious.